January 1, 1997

Post #504 – 19970101

Hey Danny! hows the modern day world treating you? I am none other than your actual biggest fan. i have never red books (save for one(enders game by orson scott card)) that were as totally entertaining as yours. ever since fourth grade when i wrote a letter to you in fourth grade i have been trying to gen in touch again. i was sent i nice picture of about ten of you floating around . (obviously a genius at work) i just want to say that i immensely enjoy the hours of reading i have spent on your books. i only regret that i have not met you in person. we have alot alike. my personal fave would have to be alan mendelson, boy from mars. keep it comin’ but dont work too hard.-awed and splendored, davy: age 14

Daniel replies:

Davy - Other readers have mentioned ""Enders Game."" I'll have to check it out. Maybe Ian Stoba can read it on the airplane. Thanks for the kind words, and being my fan and all. You're wrong about wishing you had met me. People are always disappointed when they meet writers they like, and discover they are.....(yuck)...writers. However, readers can be nice, especially mine.