Ken Emley

January 1, 1997

Post #500 – 19970101

I look forward to your pieces on NPR. At the conclusion of two of those features, the song “Yesterday, I read a book” with Jimmy Durante was played. As an elementary teacher, I can think of many uses in my classroom. However, I have been unable to locate that particular album, CD or ? Any suggestions you could make would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work, you always make my day.

Daniel replies:

Ken Emley -- I suggest you tape the Durante song off the radio, hoping they play the whole thing, as they sometimes do. (Of course I seem to be on the program irregularly, so you might have to listen for weeks and weeks). When the feature first started, they got as much mail asking for a dub of the song as they got about the pieces. For a while they were supplying them, but it soon got out of hand. You could try though: Maybe someone will take pity on you.