Anne Newton

January 1, 1997

Post #497 – 19970101

Mr. P did you narrate the movie “Christmas Story?” I enjoy your commentaries on NPR immensely and think I recognize your wonderful voice!!

Daniel replies:

Anne Newton -- Such a compliment! That's Jean Shepherd, a radio great, who wrote and produced the movie. He comes from the greater Chicago area, as I do--so the accent may be similar, and the rich baritone may be the result of breathing the pure air of the stockyards and the steel mills. When I was growing up in Chicago, he was more or less a legend--we couldn't hear him on the radio, (he broadcasted on WOR in NY), but when I moved east, I used to listen to him. This guy could extemporize a complete, and pretty good, short story, live in 45 minutes, five nights a week! I wish he hadn't quit doing radio. It might have gotten too small for him. (It's not too small for me, though. Stand by, all for an interesting announcement on that very topic, soon).