Stefan Jones

January 1, 1997

Post #493 – 19970101

Dear Captain Pinkwater:

The other day I went to the San Jose flea market. It struck me as the kind of place the Snarkout boys might go. The central aisle was a produce market, where I bought the ingredients for Ratatouille. I also, on impulse, picked up two avacadoes. The price seemed right.

So. Now I have two avacadoes. I’ve been told I could make guacamole out of them when they are ripe . . . but how does one know? Do they break open and ooze when they are ripe? Change color? Start to smell? If I use them on one of those sandwiches described below, do I shell them first, or just smear peanut butter on them and press down really hard when I put them on a roll?

You got me into this. You get me out.


P.S. The ratatouille came out fine.

Daniel replies:

Stefan Jones -- The thing you really have to know is that the avocado contains a large smooth pit. Do not eat the pit! You discard the pit, or you can plant it, or suspend it from the rim of a glass partially full of water by putting toothpicks (say, 4) around its horizontal center-line. Then you can have fun watching it grow roots and tendrils--and it can have fun watching you. Remember, the pit is the part you don't eat. Soon you will be one of us.