Mary Sophia Novak

January 1, 1997

Post #492 – 19970101

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

(this message is also addressed to certain other Pinkwater fans, if you’re out there. You’ll know who you are in a minute.)

I was one of the people lucky enough to get a blurb printed on the back of “5 Novels” which is, by the way, a definitively cool episode in my life.

(See? If you’re one of the other people who got quoted on or in the book, this message is also for you.)

The publishing company was nice enough to offer to send a free copy of the book to each person who was quoted on or in it. Indeed, a copy of 5 Novels arrived at my parents’ house, and they sent it on to me.

However, it was the wrong copy. I think maybe the person who originally sent the books out didn’t realize they had autographs in them. I got a copy inscribed “To Russell.”

Within a few weeks, the publisher apparently realized their mistake, and they sent me a FedEx mailer to mail my wrong copy back, saying they’d send me the right one when I got it. That was in late September, I think. I’ve never heard from them again.

Russell, are you out there? Did you, at least, get _your_ copy back? It was definitely returned.

Have any of the other quoted people gotten their correct books yet?

Does anybody have my book?

Sigh…it’s nice to know the quote’s out there, anyway.

Daniel replies:

Mary Sophia Novak -- You've got a lot of damn nerve. They _tried_ to give you a copy--after practically no urging at all on my part. Isn't that enough? What do you want, custom service? FSG is an important company, with lots of important things to do. They can't keep wasting time on trivial little problems like yours. You want a copy, go to a bookstore and buy one...oh, you probably can't...for some reason most bookstores only got two.

Tell you what, if there is anyone out there who contributed a quote, and didn't wind up with a book, please notify Ed. He will forward your address, and I will personally send you one. And thanks, all, for your marvelous kindness and patience.

(To clarify: Those people who contributed a quote _that was printed_, and didn't wind up with a copy, may apply to me for one. I don't know, and can't imagine, what Farrar Straus and Giroux may have offered to anyone--so I'd better draw a line. I apologize to anyone who has been disappointed. I know just how you feel.)