Ella Bass

January 1, 1997

Post #490 – 19970101

I’m a teacher at Lauderbach Elementary School in Chula Vista, Ca and my fifth grade students just finished reading Pinkwater’s story “The Hoboken Chicken Adventure.” We learned that his story was made into a movie for television and we would like to know how we could view the movie in our classroom. How do we gain access to the movie? We would appreciate any information you can give us.

Daniel replies:

Ella Bass -- Obviously you read the textbook adaptation of ""The Hoboken Chicken Emergency."" There was a one-hour TV movie in the Wonderworks series, which still airs from time to time. When it was first shown, I received much congratulation from adults, and exactly six letters from kids. All the letters said more or less precisely the same thing: ""I bet you had nothing to do with the making of that movie."" And they were right. I think it would be a good classroom exercise to compare the movie with the story in the reader, or the book.

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