January 1, 1997

Post #485 – 19970101

Dear Mister Pinkwater,

I have this husband who always hated reading anything except TV Guide, Dilbert funnies, and the Victorias Secret catalogue; and refused upon all kinds of principles (including hellfire and damnation) that he was never going to read any of those “dang books” I kept lugging into the house from my many decadent forays to Barnes and Nobles and The Strand and the like. That is, until I shoved a copy of Lizard Music into his hands and commanded him to read it.

That was seven years ago. He hasn’t read anything since except Fat Men From Space, but he speaks fondly of Reynold, Reynold, Reynold, and Jim et Linda Lacerta from time to time. He has the grand idea of doing that Gene Roddenberry ashes-on-the-space-shuttle thing, so he can become his very own Fat Man In Space someday.

Enough rambling. What’s for lunch? I’ll bring ambrosia salad and grape Nehi.

Daniel replies:

Siannan -- That is scarier than rschroed's post. I'd like everyone to know that I have these big dogs, and I let them loose on the grounds at night.