Nathan Myers

January 12, 2018

Post #4513 – 20180112

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

I bought hardback copies of Neddiad, Yggysey, and Cat-whiskered Girl as they came out, and enjoyed them, and reading them to my kids, immensely.

I wondered about the third one. As I read it, it felt like it really wanted to be titled “The Vreemdelingenlied” (by analogy with the Nibelungenlied). Was your publisher beating you up over funny names, and that would have been too much of a good thing? Is it too late to adopt as its subtitle?

I confess that I added “(sometimes called The Vreemdelingenlied)” to its listing in Wikipedia, years back, which lasted a few months before being pruned.

Daniel replies:

The only way that publisher beat me up was by not selling many copies, and also saying things like, ""I wish you'd let me help you--I just want to make it into a good book.""  You can write a song cycle and call it Vreemdelingenlieder if you want.