Lee Sutter

January 31, 2018

An old new fan

Hello Daniel and Jill.  I’m a 75-year-old female who just heard of you when reading Mondo Canine (wonderful). Then I I ordered a couple of your books of essays, which I totally enjoyed; then checked out a few of your  books from library (one of the librarians a longtime fan). I’m also a major fan of Car Talk, so I must have heard you on that show but the name didn’t stick. I’ve since ordered the two-disc CD of  you on that show, but hasn’t arrived yet).  I just finished Th Magic Pretzel, and cracked me up. Love your play on words, especially characters’ names. I have no grandkids,  just a 50-year-old daughter,  but have a grandniece and grandnephew who love to read, so I’m making a list of your books to  send some books to them in Hawaii. I decided, after reading the Magic Pretzel that reading your books is getting in touch with my inner child, the Tom Boy I was as a  kid; and in many ways, still am, altho I’m “straight.”I also pretended to be a dog when I was age 3 or 4, burrowing and barking in the dirty clothes as my mom did the laundry.  I’m also delighted with Jill’s art, and it’s so obvious she’s not only very talented, but takes such pleasure in drawing. Even the vertical lines in Lucy Fang’s coveralls delight me. I was really upset when you described your early artwork and the b**ch wife of your uncle who accused you of lying about being the artist, and how that discouraged you for so many years. But so glad you eventually pursued art and ended up illustrating some of your early books. You are both amazing people, and I’m so glad you found each other. My best to you both.

Daniel replies:

I guess it's ok if a 75-year-old reads my stuff...I mean, it's more than ok, it's fine...but it has to be understood that I have a younger, or possibly just more immature, reader in mind when I'm writing.  I'm not sure what Mondo Canine is.  Is it some kind of anthology or collection of pieces about dogs, in other words a book?  Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and welcome to being a reader of mine.  I am 76 myself.