Vince Delap

January 12, 2018

Post #4507 – 20180112

To Lord Pinkwater… This may seem bizarre, but not more than some of your Pinkwaterinalia (sp?). I am trying to get in touch with your friend (I believe?) Bailey White. As some folks find musical art in Pinkwater prose… I have for some time wanted to create a theatre piece AND an opera of her amazing “Mama Makes Up Her Mind.” I hope you can/will help me contact her. As a GM for Borders for years, I sold her books by the box-fulls at times, and “Mama” is still my family’s favorite humor book! I admire her (and to be sure you!) greatly. Thank you for your time…as well as the cut of your jib…and pastrami! Thanks! Vince

Daniel replies:

In fact, I seem to have lost touch with Bailey, dear friend that she has always been.  Just don't know where she is these days.  An opera sounds like a wonderful idea--why not approach the publisher, who must know where they send her checks?