Ellie (more or less)

November 21, 2017

Post #4495 – 20171121

It started with the baconburg horror. But, quickly devolved into more indulgence on your novels. Yes, this story is hardly unique. I wouldn%u2019t bother mention it, except I felt like doing so, and I was deeply enjoying the outcome of my descision to listen to your voice, narrating an audiobook of %u201CAdventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl%u201D. Now, I do not know for certain if it was in fact you reading it, even if it was stated in big red letters %u201CNarrated by Daniel Pinkwater%u201D, for I have never met you. But I do not regret listening, and I would not think twice about trying another Pinkwater novel, if I knew it would be read in that same voice, which I am lead to believe, is yours. There%u2019s something deeply reassuring about so many strange new ideas and people and words, all delivered in that soothing, relaxed voice. It%u2019s rather nice to know that if all these strange new things can be received without alarm, that perhaps it is not such a drawback after all to be uncertain of my species, gender, and ability to survive amongst a society that does not trust children with plastic knives. In fact, it%u2019s quite enlightening.

Daniel replies:

If it's printed in big red letters on the packaging that it is me doing the reading, then it is almost certainly me...I cannot imagine they found anyone who would do it cheaper.  The flat and unemotional reading you seem to like, or anyway respond to, is because I don't have the talent or training to do it like an actor would do.  And, obviously, an actor would have charged the publisher more, and rightly so.