Andrew Smith

December 1, 2017

Post #4498 – 20171201

Mr. Pinkwater,
In the 6th grade, I was reading The Divine Comedy and other very high level books, and my science teacher decided he did not like this. He took away my volume containing the works of H.G. Wells, and handed me a children’s book. The book was, “Fat Elliot and the Gorilla”. At first I thought my instructor was nuts, and then I started reading. The book has saved me from myself many times, and while in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt earlier this year, I looked back on the lessons this book taught. Time and time again, I’ve referenced the book to aid people with their own problems. Unfortunately, I can’t find a copy in decent condition anywhere! The book is over twice as old as I, but it’s lessons are still of value every day. Is there any hope for a reprint? Or any extra copies lying around? Please help! I’d like to red the story to my little nieces and let them grow up with the lessons I wish I’d learned sooner!

Daniel replies:

You know, I've written so many books, and so many of them came out in small editions for a short time, that some of them have almost disappeared.  (In some cases, this may be a good thing.)   I'm not sure I have a copy of Fat Elliot and the Gorilla, (which I remember for a cool drawing of the ape), and if I have one, I need to keep it for my records, so I will not offer it to you.  But I will tell you something which my be useful: It's not the's you!  You may feel there are lessons the book taught, but really it is what you supplied from within yourself.  When you finally come across a copy of the book, don't be surprised if you think, ""Wait a minute!  Where is all the wisdom I remember from when I read this in 6th grade?""  It's where you found it then--in your head.