October 11, 2017

Post #4473 – 20171011

Dear Sir. How appropriate do you think a reading of the Cremation of Sam McGee would be at a memorial service…in a stuffy Episcopal church located in a high brow (very!) suburb? You see, Dad loved the book and owned one of the first editions of Tales Of the Yukon. I was introduced to Sam at the age of 4 & also fell under the spell of Service’s prose. Dad & I would quote random stanzas to one another while skiing or suffering through frigid cold snaps. I know he would love it, but the family is horrified. Please advise. Thank you! Best regards, JM

Daniel replies:

Why and to whom would my advice make any difference?  Obviously, reading The Cremation of Sam McGee at a memorial service sounds like a perfectly good idea to me--but it would, wouldn't it?  Is Dad going to be cremated by any chance?  In that case, I'd say you _have_ to read it.  I do not understand why people are so intent in taking the fun out of funeral. I suppose if the guest of honor was a bit, you should pardon the expression, on the stiff side in life, then you could serious it up.  Personally, I hope attendees at my going-away party have a good time.