Erik Rose

January 21, 2017

Post #4374 – 20170121

I was curious any of the original art for Snarkout Boys or Lizard Music was available to purchase. I cannot express how much those books mean to me and how much of an influence they have had on me.
Many thanks,
Erik Rose

Daniel replies:

Possibly someday I'll feel very ambitious, and rummage through the 1,000s of pieces of art, unfinished manuscripts, notes, sketches, bits of this and that, but so far I haven't. I'm sloppy and disorganized, and have always been focused on the thing I'm making now. So, I can't be of help. If you'd like to send me a copy of one of the books, (instructions somewhere on this website as to how/where to send), with a note asking me to do a scribble as well as an autograph, I could do that for you.