Jordan Beck

January 15, 2017

Post #4370 – 20170115

Dear Mr. Pinkwater and Associates Who Read His Forum Missives,

My name is Jordan Beck. I am 27 years old.

When I was six my mother and I read Blue Moose & Return of the Moose for the first time. At the time, my parents had recently divorced and I saw my mother on only weekends, then eventually only holidays after my father moved me across the country. That first read through we howled with laughter until tears streamed down our faces. We read that dog eared copy of the book every single I visit, even now as an adult. Quotes from the story remained an important part of our communication as I became a teen, and clandestine humor for silly social situations as I entered adulthood. Though I grew to love your other work (Young Adult Novel defined large swaths of my Middle School years), nothing can compare to the deep connection forged between my mother and I through Blue Moose.

I am currently studying to be a theatre teacher. This semester I'm taking a Dramatic Literature for Youth class. Our final project is to adapt a beloved story into a play script. I am by no means an accomplished or talented playwright, but I tingle with anticipation as I think of living in the world of your story as a writer, and revisiting those characters for the stage.

Thank you for your stories, and the enduring impact you've had on me as an artist and a son.

All the best,

Jordan Beck

Daniel replies:

You seem to be saying that you contemplate adapting the moose for your project. I have no objection, providing that you agree to use your work for class only, not to make or distribute copies in any medium, & not to sell tickets. Have fun!