November 12, 2016

Post #4338 – 20161112

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,
Today, Google points out that it is Walter Cronkite's 100th birthday, and I wanted to celebrate it as Reynold and Helen and Raymond and Victor and the Claudia and the rest of the gang might. And share it with you, too, of course. Cheers! To Walter!
Yam is a name you gave me, oh, pushing about twenty years ago… my kid sister was dubbed Wuggie Norple as a toddler, and so we each got Pinkwater aliases… mine is just a little bit better, as it was given – awarded? – rather than taken.
OK, so, for the record, Lizard Music is my favorite, but The Big Orange Splot is a Design Manifesto, and I love that, too. The list goes on… thanks so much for all the stories, images, inspiration and laughs.
with great admiration, Yam

Daniel replies:

Do you ever quote Popeye? """"I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam?"""" Happy Walter Cronkite centenary!