henrietta the giant chicken

November 12, 2016

Post #4336 – 20161112

I was just thinking and I wanted to let you know that when I was a chubby little kid I was abused, by some of the people who were supposed to love and nurture me, about my weight. (It ended up making me pretty sick and now I'm dealing with the consequences, and healing.) But I just wanted to say thank you for giving me, with your books, a little shred of positive representation of fat kids to hold onto, for planting the seed in my mind that if these kids were cool and happy and interesting and wonderful, then I could be too.

I'm crying a little. You're a bright light in this world!

Daniel replies:

Sorry if this applies to family members or anyone you're supposed to like. People who make a point of disapproving of people because of their size/shape are no different from people who disapprove of people because of the shade of their skin, or their religion, or where they or their ancestors came from. They have a problem. I don't. I choose to be a happy person, and I've had a wonderful life so far--I doubt the people who make up my world ever even think about my size. As for me, sometimes I'm driving and I notice a great big guy making his way along the sidewalk like a ship under full sail, and I think, """"Damn, that's a handsome guy."""" Then I realize he looks just like me.