Random sixth grader

April 27, 2016

Post #4264 – 20160427

So, i have to do project in sixth grade where i write a three to four page essay about any author of my choice. Then we have to present just two minutes worth of facts about the author, and answer some questions. So:
1)what is the most important fact about you, in your opinion?
2)what should i say if some annoying fifth grader asks a question I don't know the answer to?
3)can I say that you were on the start to a glorious career in piano playing before a tragic guacamole incident ended that, and put the muffin fiend in my works cited list? Will my teacher get mad at me?
4)afterward we have to bring in some snack related to our author. What is your favorite food?

Daniel replies:

1) I am not sure there are any facts about me, important or otherwise. I haven't noticed this before, but is it possible I have become, or am becoming, fictional? I wouldn't mind being a fictional character. Possibly I would then be able to meet other fictional characters I have admired for so long.

2) You can say that in the course of doing your research you were required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, so there are certain questions you are legally prevented from answering. Then, if you are asked with whom you signed this agreement, you can say that is one of the questions you are not allowed to answer. You see how this can work.

3) Sure, you can say that. Do you want to say it? I will bet that it doesn't go over as funny when you present your remarks as it strikes you now.

4) Well, it's not a matter of what is my favorite as what is appropriate and not too much trouble. I'd say muffins are the obvious choice. And you can share the story that while I love muffins deeply, I discovered that I have a wheat allergy, and now I can only eat gluten-free muffins, which are horrible, so I do not eat them. And if you like you can put this forth as a fact as alluded to in section 1), that is, I am a muffin-loving person who can never eat muffins, and yet I am not sad, have not gone crazy, or become a criminal. Such is my strength of character.