April 27, 2016

Post #4263 – 20160427

Mr. Pinkwater,

At the risk of sounding extremely sentimental, I would like to thank you for writing Lizard Music. The book has become a melancholic reminder of a time when I read purely for enjoyment.

For me, the memory of the book springs from some surreal fountain: in my imagination, Lizard Music is a place where staying up late at night watching pulpy television is something to be appreciated and cherished; it is a place where the odd and uncomfortable corners of society are merely quirky reminders of all our beautiful differences; it is a place, I must admit, that I have not found anywhere since…

I'm not sure where the story came from, and I'm dead sure I don't want to know, but I hope you still occasionally feel the same magic you once allowed me to appreciate.

A thousand thanks and pardons,

Daniel replies:

You touch on the main reason I've enjoyed writing for children so much...in the phrase """"read purely for enjoyment.""""
I feel that kids read purely, and for enjoyment, and that makes the writing so much fun. Why the book is a melancholic reminder, or a melancholic anything, must have to do with your personal peculiarities. The """"magic"""" as you call it, in this book and others similar, (some written by me), is on tap, full strength, any time you wish to partake.