Les Norman

April 25, 2016

Post #4261 – 20160425

Dear Daniel,
When I was 11, I checked out a book I'd never heard of before…"Lizard Music". I've always been an avid reader, and through my years as a professional athlete (baseball-MLB/Olympics) I've read many works by many different authors. "Lizard Music" is still my favorite! I am in the process of reading it with my own 11 year old son each night!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world…You have created great memories for me from a childhood that didn't have many…and now I can share & create them with my own son! My geeky bio is on my website, lesnorman.com. Be blessed…and thank you again!

Daniel replies:

Lizard Music was the first long fiction piece I did, and after writing it, I did 99 more books of various kinds, most of which were good, and I learned things, but not one of which was as good as Lizard Music! Then, the 100th book, The Neddiad. I mention this because I've described the feeling I had when starting to work on it as like an athlete waking up in the morning knowing he's ready to pitch a perfect game. After you and your son finish with Lizard Music, maybe you'd like to give The Neddiad a try. Let me know if you like it.