Stephen Krashen

April 27, 2016

Post #4259 – 20160427

This is Steve Krashen, prof emeritus from USC, grew up in Chicago area in 1940's and 50's. A close friend of mine at the University of Illinois, Howard Taylor Dixon, always talked about his friend Daniel Pinkwater. I lost contact with Howard years ago, and wonder if Mr. Pinkwater remembers him & knows where he might be, 50 years later. Howard was a VERY UNUSUAL person, a big influence on me. (PS my research areas include literacy, pleasure reading, libraries. I'm the author of The Power of Reading. I have deep respect and admiration for Daniel Pinkwater's work. And I once had lunch with Stan Lee.)

Daniel replies:

Howard is known as Leonard now, (much as I was known as Manus when you knew Howard at U of Ill. We are both first-name-changers.) He lives in the Pacific Northwest these days, and has a presence on the web. He is interested in Mathematics and Art, among other things. I once took a ride in a Volkwagen with Harvey Kurtzman, Terry Gilliam and Robert Crumb. No lunch.