February 11, 2016

Post #4232 – 20160211

Hi hi, this is in a similar vein to what Diana H has written. I was a little surprised to see her message.
I too, loved David Bowie from about the age of 12, and have been shocked by his departure. I'm 42 now. He was my guru. You are also my guru, maybe have been for even longer. I came here because I wanted to say thank you.

I read Lizard Music first, then pretty much everything else you've written. I don't know why some of us are naturally inclined towards having (for lack of a better word) Buddhist-Tantrica-Sci-Fi souls, but here we are. Thank you for helping to nurture mine.

I wish you all the best,
Thank you,
erin Ko

Daniel replies:

I'm not in the guru business. What I am is an artist. When you say I'm your guru what I think you are really saying is that you've been able to make something of personal importance prompted by experience of art I did. That's not necessarily what I had in mind, but when art is made right it's possible for a creative person to use it like that. Naturally, I'm happy when such a thing happens, but truthfully, I'm willing to settle for someone being entertained or diverted. It's to your credit that you've been able to bring something to my work that makes it more than that, for you. What I'm suggesting is that it is for me, and David Bowie, to thank you.