January 24, 2016

Post #4217 – 20160124

Hi, my name is Holden. I am 8-years-old, and I am wondering if you are going to write a fourth Noodlekugel book. I like your books because they are fun and good for families. So, I am just wondering if there will be another book. Thank you for writing the books.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for asking. No, there will not be a fourth Noodlekugel book. This is not my fault. Publishers make these decisions--they are the ones who print and sell books. Publishers used to be people who actually liked books, and made a reasonable amount of money printing and selling them. Now they are companies that are interested in too much money very fast. Even though many people like the Noodlekugel books, I think the company had already decided to stop the series when the first one had just barely been published. I hope you'll look around for other books of mine--maybe you'll find others you like.