January 13, 2016

Post #4206 – 20160113

Hi! I really love your books! I really would like to be a children’s book author too! I’m writing a report right now about my dream job and I need to ask a professional some questions! What are the first steps to getting a book published? How many books did you write before you got on published?
Thanks for your help! Keep writing I love the books!

Daniel replies:

The first step to getting a book published is to write a book.  Before you can do that you have to take steps to become able to write a book.  These steps include writing a lot of stuff, not necessarily books to begin with, reading a lot of stuff with an eye to seeing how others do it, and finding out if there are things you'd like to say in a book, and what those things may be.  I would advise you not to bother thinking about getting published, and focus on taking all those steps.