Bruce Rockwood

January 3, 2016

Post #4201 – 20160103

I read Borgel aloud to my sons in 1992 from the Boothbay Harbor Library, and since then have reread it and the Four Fantastic Novels, Neddiad, Five Novels, aloud to them and our youngest, and sent the Big Orange to our grandchidren in Scotland. I enjoyed you on NPR and hope you get back on – they are too political and not paying enough attention to kids these days. I would like to ask that you do a sequel to Borgel one day, I really enjoy it every time I reread it. Be well and happy new year.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for reading those old books of mine--maybe you'd like to look at some of the more recent novels, The Neddiad, and others.  I quit submitting stuff to NPR when I noticed I was boring myself and not just the listeners.