Hemant Nayak

December 26, 2015

Post #4198 – 20151226

Hi my son Mohan and I were wondering a couple things. Was Beanbenders based on a place in your childhood? Was the chicken man possibly also?

We wanted to say thanks again. You probably already know this but you’ve really enriched a lot of lives with your beautiful stories not to mention that you’ve turned my son into a violinist. He liked your stories so much that he agreed to practice a lot of I would read him another chapter. This went on for many chapters and pink water novels.

Daniel replies:

Yes, and yes.  There really were beergardens, and the Chicken Man was a real person.  Of course, I made some changes for purposes of fiction.  I am happy to know that Mohan likes my books, also that he is making violinistic progress.