john burke

January 3, 2016

Post #4200 – 20160103

I was a yard brakeman on the Jersey Central when I rang your doorbell in Hoboken (close by Schaefer’s restaurant as I recall) and we wound up hanging out, playing chess on your cedar-scented set, and shmoozing about this and that. I still take enjoyment in the story of you calling Captain Hegarty’s dog obedience school to ask if they could help you get Juno to be a little less rambunctious; they claimed to be able to bring any dog under control, but after learning she was a Malemute the person on the phone said “Well, we’re not miracle workers.” Just saying Hi. How are you?

Daniel replies:

I remember you well.  Also that you disappeared one day, mysteriously, and I've wondered if you made a clean getaway.  Now I see that my second-best rucksack, and hiking boots worked out for you.  You were good company, and a well-matched chess partner, which is to say equally lousy.  Juno went on to be a very well-trained dog indeed, and won a couple of trophies in obedience matches.  Nice to hear from you, and know you survived the 70s, Hoboken, and all that.