Rubi Antigone Brandel

January 13, 2016

Post #4204 – 20160113

Hi! I’ve been thinking about contacting you for a while now. I’m one of your biggest fans! My mother has been reading “Doodle Flute” to me since I was an infant, and I’ve continued to love your books ever since! Your writing is my inspiration, and my escape from reality. I’m mourning David Bowie right now, so I’ll probably be reading a lot of your books. I think that it’s really sad that so few kids (or adults ) know about your books. Whenever I try to convince someone to read something of yours, they say that I should read something more grown up, but I believe that your books are perfect for everyone. I’m constantly telling people to read your work, in particular the Snarkout Boys series. They’re so incredibly creative and wacky! I love the movies, so that may be another reason I love those books so much! Anyways, I just thought you’d like to know that you’ve influenced my life and inspired me a ton, and I hope that kids centuries in the future continue to read your work! – Rubi Antigone Brandel, 12 yrs old, 6th grade

Daniel replies:

Thanks for saying all those nice things.  I don't think that so few kids (or adults) know about my books.  I think the people who find them and like them amount to just the right number.  We should get rid of the idea that bigger is better.  Besides, I'm sure it's more than a million.  A million people didn't know Shakespeare's work when he was alive. He was a good writer too.