Teresa Goetter

December 20, 2015

Post #4193 – 20151220

I am a kindergarten Dual language teacher my students had a question for Jill. They wrote the question on paper, but I can find an address so I will type it for them.
Dear Mrs Pinkwater,
We liked your illustrations form the Beatiful Yetta’s hanukkah Kitten, but why is the kitten so much smaller than the chicken?
From room 1
Grant Elementary
Salem Keizer Public Schools

Daniel replies:

Hello from Jill to Ms. Goetter's kindergarteners!  Very young kittens can be very tiny, so tiny that one can sit in the palm of a grownup's hand, and even have room to play.  Also, Yetta is a big chicken.  Thank you for liking my drawings.  Maybe you would like to draw some kittens and chickens too.