Merin Gregory

December 8, 2015

Post #4188 – 20151208

Your books are awesome, my father has been into them since he was a little kid and he has been reading your books to me since before I can remember. I love your books and all but there is one problem with a lot of them and that is the use of eggplants.
I am not going to lie, eggplants are horrible. I am just curious why you spread this filthy eggplant propaganda?
Other then that I love your books (and Jills to.)

Daniel replies:

First of all, I do not use actual eggplants in the writing of books.  I use the usual tools, a computer, paper, pencils, and things like that.  Second, the eggplant is a sadly misunderstood fruit.  It is not so much what it is, but what you can do with it.  By itself, I agree, in its natural state is it horrible--but you do not eat it raw.  I knew a man who liked raw eggplant, and he was weird in other ways, but most people cook them.  Prepared with skill, and in certain recipes it is a different story.  Perhaps one day you will go among sophisticated people, and then you may find the eggplant is your best friend.