ann dee

November 26, 2015

Post #4183 – 20151126

several years ago (probably about 6 years ago) you spoke to an old woman from kentucky. she told you that she and her friends loved to listen to your books on tape. you talked for about 15-20 minutes. anyway, i have to admit to you that that woman was in fact my father, who excels at impressions and spent half his childhood growing up in NYC and half in west virginia (you might say he’s half NY jew, half hick, a combination that makes for an interesting perspective). i think he was willing to do this because he’s a kind of fringe person, who doesn’t adhere to normal social mores; i, meanwhile, was about 14 and thrilled to hear my favorite author’s voice. anyway, i have to ask- did you actually believe that this was an old woman from kentucky? or were you just humoring my father?

i hope you’re not angry. you and (s)he seemed to have a lovely, interesting conversation.

Daniel replies:

I generally assume everybody is an old woman from Kentucky.