Bob Higbee

December 8, 2015

Post #4187 – 20151208

Are you OK? I was just reading a book by Clive Cussler, which has a character named “Perlmutter” and My subconscious automatically assigned your sonorous voice to this character which made me think how I have not heard you recently on NPR which worried me so I quickly checked the web to make sure that you were OK. It had nothing bad to report, anyway you don’t know me, I am just a random admirer who had a cosmic spark pertaining to you hit me. I hope this Holiday season finds you well.

Daniel replies:

Fascinating.  I've seen this phenomenon before.  Once I did a syndicated comic strip with the late, great, Tony Auth.  We got nothing but hate-mail from readers, and it depressed Tony, who was of a more sensitive nature than myself, so after a year, we pulled the plug.  A whole year after that, the fan mail started to come in, ""Where is it?  It's my favorite comic strip!""  In the case of NPR, several years ago I slipped in the annual Boring and Monotonal Rating required of all contributors, and they stopped using my stuff...and just now you missed me?  I am OK.