Jenny Smith

July 7, 2015

Post #4012 – 20150707

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Let me just begin by telling you that I have enjoyed your books for years. You are single handedly responsible for opening my eyes to clam chowder with coffee, as well as a deep love of baked potatoes slathered with salt and butter. I am now enjoying sharing your stories with my young sons, aged 4 &5. Henrietta and the blue moose have captured their hearts. With that being said, whenever anyone mentions Chicago, you are the first person I think of. My family and I are taking a trip this summer that will give us one day in Chicago. If you were to spend only one day in Chicago with two little boys that aren't into video games but can recite Dr. Seuss and a husband who wants nothing more than a legitimite Chicago dog, where would you go? Thank you for all you do!

Daniel replies:

Actually, I have not been in Chicago for 25 years, so I don't know which is the hot hot dog stand. If I had one day to show someone the sights, I would pick the Art Institute, and the interior floors of the Fine Arts Building, across the street more or less. At the same time, the architecture and the look of the Loop. Ask any fat person where to get the best hot dog. Or, the Lincoln Park Zoo.