Joel Muraoka

February 5, 2015

Post #3918 – 20150205

In 2008, I was cooking dinner in my apartment in Tokyo when I heard you on NPR explaining cheap online eyeglasses.
I have since ordered more than fifty pairs for family and friends from Zenni, particularly for those without eyeglass coverage. Thank you! This has saved them more than $10,000.
I recently read about organizations giving prescription glasses to children in Africa for $1, and it made me tear right up. I thought about your story, and I think about it every time I order glasses for my aunts and uncles. "…for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts…" and your effects are incalculably diffusive, Mr. Pinkwater.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for the obscure quote. Yes, I said that about cheap online eyeglasses. Some optometrists and opticians took violent exception, claiming that I was dismissing their important professional services...which I was not. I was dismissing punishing markups at big chain optical shops in malls, whose product is no better than Zenni's. It's nice when technology brings about actual improvements in people's lives.