Brad Sondahl

January 24, 2015

Post #3914 – 20150124

I had a waking dream this morning that reminded me of you. My wife and I were on a bus tour of some exotic place like Kabul, but obviously not Kabul. The bus went by a mountain called the sleeping prophet whose outline looked like a sleeping prophet, only the locals had painted up the rocks in a cheesy manner to make the resemblance more obvious. Then the bus stopped for a local ritual, where they brought out a 25 foot potato pancake steaming hot, propped up off the ground on little toothpicks, and the faithful ecstatically danced on the hot pancake ripping out bits to eat and neither burned their feet nor got poked by the toothpicks. So why did I think of you? Potato pancakes…

Daniel replies:

I hope you are aware that some would be deeply offended by your depiction of people behaving disrespectfully to a potato pancake.