January 15, 2015

Post #3906 – 20150115

Hi Mr. Pinkwater,
Are you a watcher of the BBC "Sherlock" series shown in the states on PBS? In their modern-day re-telling of the Holmes stories, they put out this little mini-episode (linked below) to be shown after Holmes' "death" episode, and preceding his return. I especially like the first minute of it, set in what looks like a Buddhist monastary, perhaps near the border of Nepal and Tibet. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a particular gurkha physician in their footage, but I suppose he may not as yet have been introduced to the funny foreigner at the time of the filming. Seriously, your "Gurkha Physician" short story is hand-down one of my favorite tidbits of literature, I re-listen to that podcast episode frequently. Thanks for sharing it with your audience!

Daniel replies:

My friends would tell you that I am practically without ego, if I had any friends. So it is up to me to tell you that I do not mind that the producers of Sherlock abstracted elements from my work, any more than I minded when Sir Arthur, used mediums to acquire much of the Sherlock Holmes canon from my then yet-to-be-written Shloime Hockman detective stories thus rendering them unpublishable as apparent plagiarisms. Pangdatsang Gompa is not shown in the TV series because they fear legal action from a living author. But I am bigger than that.