Walter Lipman

November 9, 2014

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I've been thinking this one through, and believe that it will do us both good if I add my sense of loss over Tom Magliozzi's passing to yours.

Listening to Tom & Ray has always been a joy, but it reached its zenith during those times when you were their prized guest on "Car Talk". Just as your presence on the show added to their happiness, so must Tom's departure (and the attendant cruelty of it, the throes of Alzheimer's Disease) be a toll upon you. To the extent that my telling you this may be of some scant comfort, this why I write today.

Thank you, Daniel, for the joy you have brought to this world. May it continue for a great many years to come.

Walter Lipman

Daniel replies:

No, it's not a toll upon me. I accept that things change, and things come to an end. Just before the internet flowered into a world of discrete communities, public radio, speaking of things reaching a zenith, had a special significance for some few millions of us. The broadcasters were generally listeners, and the listeners felt connected to the broadcasters and one another. In the years when All Things Considered used to air a commentary by me roughly once a week it was usual for the phone to ring when the program ended, and some listener would comment on my commentary, and tell me a story, always better than mine. They felt they knew me--I'd been talking to them on their drive home week after week--so the calls had the quality of a conversation between acquaintances being continued. Car Talk, more than any other program, exploited this aspect of commonality--because of the friendliness and charm of the brothers, and the skill of the producer/ see, it was a work of art of a sort, and informal as it seemed, it was crafted by talented people making the most of an opportunity to do high quality work. And that's what it meant to me, a chance to do a bit with professionals who would not let me down--and naturally, I tried my best not to let them down. It was great, and I'm happy I had the chance to listen and participate--but mutatis mutandis, now we go on to the next things.