Amanda, Alex and Myles

December 12, 2014

Post #3889 – 20141212

You and Jill are our favorite authors and illustrators. The section from The Artsy Smartsy Club (or is it one of the Hoboken Chicken books?), where the kids go to the museum with Henrietta and the museum guard mistakes her for Sister Wendy, is the funniest thing ever written. We are excited that Yetta had a new adventure. Will Larry ever have more? You and Jill have brought us so much joy! Thank you!

Daniel replies:

You are some of our favorite readers! (All our readers are favorites!) You are thinking of The Artsy Smartsy Club, with the chicken mistaken for Sister Wendy. No more Larry books are planned at present--have you seen the Irving and Muktuk books, Two Bad Bears, Bad Bears in the Big City, etc.? Larry appears in some of those.