aline libassi

November 7, 2014

Post #3857 – 20141107

Here I am living in Tulum, Mexico and streaming WAMC live this am only to hear your name mentioned on the Car Guys show. This must be a repeat from time long ago because I realized that I have not heard your melodious voice on NPR in a while. I have been of course living out the country, but I do get public readio. Where are thou?

Daniel replies:

So there you are on the Mayan Riviera, listening to Dr. Alan Chartok hold forth about scuzzy NY state politics on WAMC? That is some contrast. I stopped contributing to NPR a couple of years ago, and went to doing stuff on the Bob Edwards Show on SiriusXM satellite radio, until the beancounters there canceled the show the other month. You can hear my melodious voice on the weekly podcast right here on this website, and also as the anglofone announcer on, radiobach, radiochopin, and ABCclassicalpiano. I have sent in a written-in-blood self-criticism to NPR and am waiting to know if the central committee will consider a pardon for my recent defection.