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July 2, 2014

Post #3748 – 20140702

Hi Mr. Pinkwater,
Thanks so much for reading Alan Mendelsohn, it's one of my favorite books from when I was a kid, and I dare say, perhaps one of your best (though I am loathe to play favorites!) My one complaint about many of your books though, is that they end far too quickly. I certainly wish all your books just had so many more chapters to savor, before they came to a close. Do you happen to have unpublished chapters of your books (that somehow didn't make it through the final editing process) hanging around in your files? If so, would you consider publishing them, or posting them somewhere? They could be like some of those "alternate endings" or "bonus features" that are found on many DVDs of movies these days, no? Anyhow, thanks much for your many memorable books, and have a great day!

Daniel replies:

Editing process? Final editing process? These terms are unfamiliar to me.