Gibson Christopher

June 27, 2014

Post #3743 – 20140627

Dear Mr. Pinkwater, please tell me the end of one of your stories, or tell me where I may find it in a written version somewhere. In 1995, I had a job that involved me inspecting homes for the City of Cudahy, WI. All day long, I had appointments every 15 minutes and I passed the time between appointments listening to NPR. On one occasion, I listened to a very engaging story about your wife and the attraction she holds for all things canine. I can't remember if the story involved a wolf or a domestic canis, but I was very much enamored of the story. Sadly, I was unable to have a "driveway moment" because the homeowner at the next appointment was standing on the stoop of her home waiting for/watching me. Lo, these many years later, I still wonder how that story ended.

Daniel replies:

It could have been any if a number of stories about how attractive my wife is to all sorts of animals including human. Somewhere on this website a collection of dog stories is being offered, (proceeds to an animal rescue organization)--you might want to give that a try.