May 5, 2014

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Hello Mr. Pinkwater,
I'm a long time fan of you from childhood, but I didn't know you wrote a comic strip I adored as a child also, Norb. Recently I went on a hunt to find a copy which I did at a very reasonable price (below $20), this is such a brilliant comic and I would love to share it with others. Any chance of a reprint? Or better yet a digital release?



Daniel replies:

That Norb collection is really rare. Be careful with it--the binding tends to be lousy and pages fall out. I think there are some samples online here and there. The strip launched the day after Bloom County ended, and took its place in about 70 newspapers. We got tons of hate mail--letters with drawings of open graves and daggers dripping blood. Apparently there are people whose literature is the comics page, and they know that papers are very responsive to complaints. Only two fan letters, one of which was from Jules Feiffer. Papers began to drop it, and my partner, the talented Tony Auth got increasingly depressed. I was not depressed because I have been a children's author so I am impervious to abuse. After a year I asked Tony if he'd like to stop working on it. He would, and we did. Another year passed. Then the fan mail started to come in...""""Where's Norb? It is my favorite strip. What happened? Where is it?"""" This sequence of events more or less summarizes my whole career. It is fortunate that I am so oblivious to what is going on that I have been perfectly happy this whole time. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who wants to digitize the collection is welcome to do so, with or without pretending they intend to pay us anything.

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