Bob Levinson

March 1, 2014

Post #3640 – 20140301

Mr. Pinkwater,

I heard you on Bob Edwards this morning and, once again, you were a delight.

I really enjoy hearing you on NPR when you're on there as well.

I am 4 years younger than you (not that it matters at this age) and could not agree with you more about comis books and our mutual history with them. They were great and were OURS-no parents, no adults, no 'authorities,' as you put it today. And, I too, and still do, spend more time at the library (though my hands always need washing) than anywhere else and, my greatest job ever, working part-time at a bookstore for $ 5.50 an hour in the late '90's when money was really bad in the house?

Last thing. I read the Mr. Plumbean story book to my son more than all other books combined. I wanted him to know that MUST express himself, that he could do whatever he wanted, be whomever he wanted to be as long as it made him happy and injured no one. The hell with whatever anyone and everyone else thinks or says.

He got a scholorship to Yale became a writer-working for an company that helps kids in school who are struggling, could not asked for more.

You deserve some of the credit for that.

Live to be 200 and never stop writing.

My best,


Daniel replies:

Thanks for the kind words.  I so much enjoy working with Bob Edwards and his capable helpers.  I don't think you'll be hearing me on NPR...not sure if it's policy still, or ever was, but at one point  anyone so much as having lunch with the satellite radio folks used to be excommunicated.  Washington DC, you know.