Lew Freeman

February 28, 2014

Post #3638 – 20140228

Several years ago you told a story of when you were playing piccolo in the high school and were to play the solo part in the "Start and Stripes Forever" at a 4th of July concert. As I recall, you never could get it right and when the event arrived, you didn't show up (I guess calling in sick). But, when the concert was played on the radio, you played along at home . . . perfectly. Is that story available on line – in print, or better yet, in podcast? I'd like to share it with someone who had a similar experience when in school. Thanks.

Daniel replies:

It may be in the collection Fish Whistle, available as an ebook from Amazon, and also from other places.  Or in Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights, or in Hoboken Fish, Chicago Whistle which I think you can get from Xlibris.  Thanks for your interest.