February 5, 2014

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Hello! First of all I love your books (I've checked them out of the library so much that they were eventually just given to me by some kind librarians). Needless to say I'm a huge fan. Anyways I have a favor to ask you.
I'm an 8th grader in my last year of middle school. This year we have a unit on our future and what sort of jobs we'd like to pursue. I chose to be an author. Part of this unit is interviewing someone in your chosen field.
So, can I interview you? I've looked online for an email address but this seems to be the quickest way to contact you. I have 20 questions prepared but I didn't know if the forum was the best place to ask them. Thank you for even reading this, it means a lot. Also please reply asap (I need to know so I can arrange another interview if you can't).

Daniel replies:

What were those kind librarians thinking?  How were they to know some other student might not want to check the books out someday?  It could happen.

Sure, you may interview me. Suprisingly, I know a lot about being an author. You can send the questions here, and Webmaster Ed will make sure I get them.

Rhonda, we've tried to email you directly but our messages keep getting bounced back. Can you give us another email address to try? -- Ed