Melissa and Ezra

January 31, 2014

Post #3621 – 20140131

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

My son and I are great fans of your books. I am particularly fond of The Big Orange Splot but Ezra (almost 5 years old) says he "likes all of them best."

Just now we were re-reading Beautiful Yetta and Ezra asked if it was true. (Not the part where they talk, but a chicken that befriended parrots.) Looking online, we found out about the real wild parrots of Brooklyn, but nothing about a chicken. Is that something you saw or did you come up with the idea yourself?

Also, Ezra asks "why is his name Pink Water?"

Thank you.

Melissa and Ezra

Daniel replies:

I knew about the wild parrots.  And I have seen wild chickens.  It seemed to me that they might meet up sometime.  They are both nice types of bird.

My name is not Pink Water. It is Pinkwater. It is my name because it was my father's name, and we did the traditional thing.