Rhonda Krehbiel

January 6, 2014

Post #3609 – 20140106

I want to let you know that I have read your books over and over again and in my experience that seems to be the best cure for a bad day. Anyways my issue is about my 8th grade english teacher. A large part of my grade is based on AR points. You receive points after taking a short online quiz after you finish a book. These points are tallied at the end of a semester and if you meet your point goal you get an A. Sadly there are very little AR quizzes for your books. I've explained that too my teacher and she says that she would be happy to give me the points if I write a short essay on the book. Recently I turned in my essay for Young Adult Novel. Sadly this woman is not a Dada supporter. She refuses to give me the points for the story because she "sees no literary value". That uncultured swine. Sorry not all teachers admire your work as much as I do.

Daniel replies:

Send me a copy of your essay and your teacher's name and email address.  I will deal with this.