Steve Marsden

December 30, 2013

Post #3606 – 20131230

Bushman Lives!

OK, so Harold has embarked.
When do we get to find out more about the Great Adventure?

Daniel replies:

Interesting question.  I had a book in mind, but the publisher changed its policy.  Instead of offering a contract in advance, after which I would write the book, as they had for The Neddiad, The Yggyssey, Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl, and Bushman Lives, they said they would be willing to look at a finished manuscript for another book, and possibly publish it.  I had no confidence in the editor, and besides I've never done it that way with a novel.  There didn't seem to be any point in approaching another publisher with what they would regard as part of a series published by another company.  So I haven't written that book.  I would like to write it, and I'm considering publishing it as an ebook, or possibly offering it as a serial online, chapter by chapter.