Eric Spackey

December 13, 2013

Post #3591 – 20131213

Hi Daniel,

I'm CEO of a large military apparel and equipage manufacturing business and provide combat uniforms for our soldiers. I write this note, because years ago you influenced me with your wonderful stories and perspective on life (loved your NPR snippets). One of my favorite books…ever, is "The Big Orange Spot". I've used it with my leadership team in dealing with Corporate America and the need to fit in…meaning, different or differences are good. Surprise, surprise…not everyone appreciates the reminder or concept. As I mature, which is a matter of perspective (heh heh heh), the importance of this book continues to be relevant. Indirectly, I use it often as a way to remind my team/industry that "cross-pollination" is good…but that requires different approaches and thought. Although it was written as a children's book…your wonderful metaphor is applicable to everyone.

Anyway, I'm a believer in letting people know when they've done something good or have positively affected people in some way or another…always reinforce the positives! So, BRAVO! I'm very happy that you're continuing your missives and quests for better understanding…something I'm trying to do myself…damn this getting old thing is harder than the owners manual depicted…

All the best,


Daniel replies:

It is fortuitous that you chose to identify your profession in your gratifying post, for which I thank you.  I want to share an idea, which incidentally will be of considerable benefit to your business.  It is this:  Very soon, many nations will see the virtue of initiating  military units made up of people of size, 2XL to 6XL, maybe 7XL.  These land-blimp or human tank battalions will be impressive on parade, and strike terror into the hearts of the enemy.  A forward-looking manufacturer would do well to consider the production of uniforms for such specially endowed soldiers.  My own brother was an early exemplar as a very fat master sergeant of a ""heavy weapons"" company in the Illinois National Guard.  I ask no compensation, and share this idea as a gesture to an appreciative reader.