Adam Gizis

December 8, 2013

Post #3590 – 20131208

Mr Pinkwater,
I liked reading your book The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, but I thought it was strange how you spent so many pages talking about Ruby Lu who is not in the rest of the story. I just realized that my book is printed wrong and pages 25 through 40 were replaced with another book: Ruby Lu Brave and True. I could send a picture if you'd like to see.

Can you tell me what happened in pages 25 to 40 in your book?

Thank you.

Daniel replies:

Wow!  That is some mistake!  Worse than average!  Absolutely, I would like to see a picture and know which edition of the book it is.  I do not know what happened to the missing pages--maybe they turned up in a copy of Ruby Lu.  Someone owes you a complete copy of Hoboken Chicken Emergency.